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3 responses to “contact

  1. Caroline Paris

    Hi Alex,

    Just wanted to say how amazing this is! You sound like you are having a fabulous time and love reading your blog. Saw it on your FB status and was amazed!

    I am an Art Director for an Ad agency in London at the mo and you are making me mega jeal of all your great experiences and adventures. Glad you are doing so brilliantly. Take care of yourself.

    Caroline x

  2. amy kennedy

    what a seriously amazing blog alex!! 😀
    your so showbiz now! lol
    good luck with everything 🙂 x

  3. Heather Wharam

    Hey Alex,

    Just up dating on your current exploits. Blog has gone from great to awesome. Loving the fashion reports and Catwalk photos. Glad you still got time for parties. We working on next years first years so keep up the hard work. Catch up when you next home.

    Enjoy Heather x

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