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Model Behaviour (II)


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I got pooped on…

…in central LDN whilst having lunch with my best model friend David in a park.

Biggest bird shit ever. I thought someone had thrown a handful of horse manure at me. Wet wipes aplenty!

Supposedly good luck, but not such good luck when you have to go meet with clients like Hermes. Sob.

Oh the glamorous life of a model.

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Arrivederci Milano

Thought I would do my last blog post from Milan before I begin packing my suitcase.

There were no castings at all today so I had arranged to meet Ronnie (another model) at the agency at around 12 so that we could go explore Milan one last time before I went home. Maria helped me to book my flight whilst I was waiting at the agency and then we set off to go meet Jen (Ronnie’s lovely girlfriend) at their hotel.

Once we’d eaten McDonald’s and Jen and Ronnie had been shouted at via the hotel room phone for having guests visit them for more than 5 minutes (so ridiculous!), we set off in the freezing cold to wonder around the ‘nicer’ parts of the city. Even though it was probably the coldest it’s been during my visit, it wasn’t cold enough to stop me and Jen from getting our favourite gelato!

After spending the day with Jen and Ronnie I had to go drop off a few bits at the agency before they closed and say my goodbyes. I feel so lucky to have such amazing people representing me in Milan – all the girls at Beatrice: Marta, Maria, Rita and Chiara are such incredible people who work so hard and clearly love their job. I’m deeply grateful to have a team of people who believe in me as much as I believe in myself – so thankyou guys if you’re reading this! I look forward to seeing you all again in the not so distant future! And next season I will do you proud ūüėČ

A final word…

It seems like I’ve been in Milan for so much longer than just two weeks. I feel like I’ve grown up no end. Even though I am 19, I think I am a very young 19-year-old and I am really proud of myself for coming out here and fully immersing myself in the whole experience. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it again- this has undoubtably been a dream come true. I finally feel like I’m a part of this industry now – an industry I’ve been fascinated by for years and years. This is only the beginning for me and I thank you all for taking such an interest in my little Milano adventure! It’s been great sharing every detail with you and I can’t wait to do it all again in a few months time for next season (hopefully in Paris as well as Milan, and who knows, maybe even other cities).

I hope you’ve found the life of an excitable young model living through his first international fashion week to be intriguing and educational. If not maybe just very slightly amusing!?!¬†If I’ve taught you anything, I hope it’s that models have to work very hard despite what people may believe. And that if you have a dream you should never give up on it.

And with that final word I’m signing off.

Until next time my little fashionistas,



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a bit of bad and a whole load of beautiful…

Takeaway pizza in the elevator - a model must.

The constantly dirty dishes that stay there all week until the cleaner comes on a Thursday and freaks.

David, me and Ronnie on the metro.

The tip that is Zac's bedroom.


David, Jacob Coupe and me.

Zac & David on the metro.

David & Ritchie about to go do the McQueen show.

Not addicted to any illegal substances... just cereal!


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Model Behavior.

Fooling around at the agency.

Going crazy in the apartment.

Donatella lips.

Biggest pepper in the world.

Our random ingredient spaghetti.

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the model apartment…

Quite relieved that I’m not going out tonight after all, so before I collapse on my bed for the night I thought I’d post some pictures of the infamous model apartment where I’m staying. It is situated just a 5 minute walk away from the agency which is super handy. Random belongings and old casting cards from models gone can be found hidden at the back of cupboards and draws…

If walls could talk eh…

the living area.

my bedroom (from the bed)

the view from my window.

That is all.



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Milan, day 2

I had a well earnt lie in this morning and when I finally woke up (11am) I was a little confused as to where the hell I was! After my random freak out, I realised that I hadn’t been abducted, but infact I was in Milan, and then all the craziness of yesterday came flooding back to me! Thankfully I had no castings or meetings ¬†scheduled for the day so was free to explore the real Milan – as all I’d seen so far was my agency, some dark streets and lots and lots of rain.

So me and Tim set off (in more rain) into the city centre armed with a list of things we needed to buy:

  • yoghurts, fruit, ham, cheese, milk and bread (exciting stuff, I know)
  • bottles of water (the girls at the agency recommended we don’t drink the tap water…of course, we didn’t listen, but now we also recommend that you don’t drink the tap water here in Milan!)
  • towels for the apartment (as up until now I’ve been airing my face to dry by an open window!)
  • passport photos from a photo booth for our weekly metro passes

So we got off the metro at the Duomo which is a huge gothic-style cathedral which is utterly breathtaking and out of this world. And inside it only gets better – everything from the windows and floors to the statues and murals were magnificent. The attention to detail in every corner of the gigantic cathedral makes you wonder how they ever managed to build such a thing. The security men and signs outside said you weren’t allowed to take cameras in, but did I listen? Of course I didn’t…

After the Duomo we visited the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, which is an equally astounding piece of architecture, except this time it was a luxury shopping centre. Here, I went into the first ever Prada shop – opened by Miuccia¬†Prada’s grandfather, Mario Prada. Pretty special.

We then stumbled across a photography exhibition by Steve McCurry, an American photographer best known for his photo of a refugee girl wearing red . The exhibition was incredibly moving and featured images he had collected throughout his career from many different cultures all over the world. Some of the most powerful pieces were of young children staring innocently into the camera, their faces stained with dirt and their clothes ragged and torn. We spent hours walking around the exhibition, it was fantastic…

Now it was starting to get dark and we realised that we hadn’t got anything from our list, so we found the nearest supermarket and grabbed all the food we could afford/carry and lugged it back to the apartment.

When we were in the supermarket, one of the bookers at Beatrice agency called Maria, who we met yesterday, spotted us from outside and came in to say Ciao. She asked if we had any plans for tonight and invited us to go out with her and some friends to a club called Plastic. Right now I’m chilling in my room, pretty tired, waiting to see if we’re going out or not…apparently in Milan they don’t go out ’til after midnight…this should be interesting!

Will let you know how that one goes on the morrow.

Ciao xoxo

Ps. a few of my favourite photos from the day…

Trying to look excited at the fact there are several disease infested pigeons on my arm.

Keeping the locals warm over the winter.

The last remains of the big christmas tree at the train station.

Because you can't beat a good pair of Raybans.

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