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we just want good times.

Us occupants at 17 Churchill Avenue always knew our first house party had to be an epic one, there was no question about it. So how exactly does one throw the ultimate uni house warming bash? Combine all the major celebratory events of the year of course!

Christmas decorations, Hanukkah candles, birthday cake and balloons, New Years eve countdown at midnight, Halloween decorations, and bonfire night fireworks and sparklers…


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Alexander at NEXT

New polaroids taken by my amazing new booker Sarah.

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Milan Polaroids…

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a bit of bad and a whole load of beautiful…

Takeaway pizza in the elevator - a model must.

The constantly dirty dishes that stay there all week until the cleaner comes on a Thursday and freaks.

David, me and Ronnie on the metro.

The tip that is Zac's bedroom.


David, Jacob Coupe and me.

Zac & David on the metro.

David & Ritchie about to go do the McQueen show.

Not addicted to any illegal substances... just cereal!


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the boy behind the blog.

A recent polaroid of me giving major face…

And yes, I am always this serious.

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