the Dark side.

Today should have been a happy day in Milan – the rain disappeared, the sun was shining, I had a handful of relaxed castings and a fitting for the Costume National show. However all of that has been completely overshadowed by the sudden death of a young male model here in Milan.

I only just caught word of the news a couple of hours ago whilst at my CN fitting. We were all waiting to be fitted in the reception when one model received a phone call informing him of the tragic news. Tom Nicon, a 22-year-old french model who was a runway sensation and had been the face of many major designers such as Versace, Louis Vuitton and Burberry, had fell from his apartment window and been rushed to hospital where he died. It is not yet known if it was an accident or suicide, but either way it is such sad news and a huge loss. It really hits home – I had seen him just a couple of days ago at a casting.

After the fitting, me and another model from my agency travelled back to our hotel together discussing the drama at the fitting and our excitement for the show tomorrow. We would be walking it together – it was to be his first show as well. Though when we returned to our hotel, my friend received a message saying that Costume National had cancelled him from the show. He was gutted. As was I.

I still feel so awful for him. It’s one thing not booking any shows at all, but it’s almost worse when you book a show: the client CONFIRMS you for the show: then they cancel you just hours before. Evil. Pure fashion industry evil. Nothing is ever definite in this industry until you are actually there doing it.

Hearing that he had been cancelled from the show immediately sparked worries in my head. Still now I am sat with my phone on my lap fearing that same cancellation message from my booker.

My emotions are all over the place right now but above all I am completely ecstatic at the thought of walking the Costume National show tomorrow. I have to be there for 9am for hair and makeup, rehearsals etc and the show starts at 12 midday. Look out for me and wish me luck that I make it to the show okay without any last minute cancellations! Stand by for my most important blog yet with all the backstage details.

Random snaps from the days casting run to follow…


'The Best' team on the casting slog.

the 'Alex' sandwich - tastes better than it looks!

sneak peek into a couture wedding gown showroom. I die.

sleeping model at Costume National fitting.

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One response to “the Dark side.

  1. The G Team

    Hello young one
    Sorry to have heard the sad news re the death of young model and the cancellation for your co-worker – a big blot on your excitement and a big shadow to cope with all round.
    Life can be a bitch at times but keep perky. We are gunning for you (only literally) of course.
    LOL G & G x x

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