the BLOG is BACK.

I’ve been in Milan since Sunday night but have been unable to update my blog because the hotel where I’m staying charges ridiculous amounts to use the internet. It’s called ‘The Best Hotel’. No joke. Me and my two Dutch roommates renamed it ‘The Crappiest Hotel’ – one very hot room, one squeaky ceiling fan, zero air-con, three army style beds literally so close that they touch eachother, zero fridge, zero kitchen, ZERO INTERNET. We spend the majority of our evenings wondering how on earth the hotel earned it’s two stars.

Though it may not be ‘The Best’ hotel, I am having ‘the best’ time! It’s great to be back in Milan for show season and I’m just enjoying each day as it comes and the experience. Shows or no shows, I’m loving being here again. And considering I wasn’t even going to come this season, that’s pretty good going.

So much has happened the past few days – casting madness has ensued and the heat is pleasant but doesn’t help when you’re trying to look young and fresh for clients whilst dashing around the city like a mad man.

There have been some MAJOR moments over the past few days so here are just a few of my favourites…

Model watch: Alex Dunstan, Francisco Lachowski, River Viiperi, SIMON NESSMAN!! I DIE.

Real life casting craziness at the Armani casting – boys pushing and shoving, arguments breaking out, tv cameras filming, and models ‘BAH’-ing loudly like sheep – very funny cos it’s like we are sheep being herded but thought I was going to get trampled for a second. Check it out…

And speaking of Armani, I got to walk for the fashion legend that is Mr Georgio Armani himself at the casting! It was by far the most intimidating situation I have ever been in and needless to say I was rather nervous, but what an honour to be in his presence. After it was my turn I stayed behind to take some sneaky snapshots ‘cos I may never get the opportunity to be in the same room as Mr Armani again…

Some amazing casting destinations. The huge black chandelier at Dolce & Gabbana is bananas…

More updates coming in the next few days providing I can steal some internet from the neighbouring hotels so keep checking in!



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  1. holly

    I would once again like to announce how jealous I am, stuck in crappy leicester!! Armani, wow!! all I can say WOW! Best of luck with everything, take care. hol xx

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