CSM Internal Show

So I walked the internal St Martins grad show the other day – it’s the one where all the graduating students show their work, and then only the best get selected to have their collection presented at the press show during graduate fashion week. It has been such a long time since I walked in a show so it was great practise for me with another show season on the horizon. As someone who is going into fashion design in September I found it so interesting to see what the students had come up with. There were some fantastic pieces, and some not so fantastic! The show ran smoothly but I experienced a few set backs…

The shoes were an absolute joke…they put my feet through hell. Each student had different shoes for their mini collection so everytime I walked I wore something different. This would have been fine if they had anything near my shoe size! I found myself squeezing my poor size 10 feet into size 7s, which made for an interesting walk down the runway! I paraded out in big heavy blue clogs, really painful desert sandals, and high top trainers which I had to push down the back and just slip them on like slippers and stagger down the runway as they were far too small for me to cram my feet into. Far from glamorous!

But by far the worst were the shoes I wore for an Arabian desert collection…or rather the lack of shoes. The young chinese designer wanted us to dip our feet in a bucket of water then have sand thrown over them before walking out. Now this would have been fine had it been the final look of the show, but following this look I had to squeeze into tight leather boots, again not in my size – I don’t recommend you try this when you have wet sandy feet. EVER. My poor ickle feeties.

One of my favourite collections was a very colourful and vibrant collection by a guy called Alex Mullins who had really let his imagination run wild. All the models were layered in bright yellow, purple and orange coats with long tassels and heavy jingly bells attached to our shoulders. The best bit were the headpieces though…one boy had a plate attached to his head, another a big cushion heart, and me: a huge paintbrush! We felt like oversized teletubbies! AMAZING.

At one point I heard one of the show organisers say to her colleague – “Alexander is very sweaty.” Well YES my dear – combine the layers upon layers of thick garments, the super quick changes between looks and the hot stuffy atmosphere of a backstage show in sunny May, and Alexander WILL be “very sweaty”!! It would be rather odd if Alexander wasn’t sweaty in said circumstances! HA.

Anyway, the good news is that I must have done something right in all my backstage sweatiness as they have confirmed me for the press show on June 1st for GFW! I’m not sure whether St Martins stage their press show at the Charings Cross site where I walked in the show a few days ago but this is the last time they will be using that building as they are set to relocate to Kings Cross later this year. Sort of sad as so many amazing talents have walked those halls – Stella McCartney, Riccardo Tisci, John Galliano, Gareth Pugh, Christopher Kane, Zac Posen, my favourite fashionisto Hamish Bowles and the late Lee Alexander McQueen just to name a few. It’s a great building with a lot of fashion history.



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