Milan, day 13

A pretty relaxed and quiet day in Milano. Didn’t get out of bed ’til gone midday and when I finally did I knew I had to go show my face at the agency as they had details for a casting that they wanted to give to me for the afternoon. The girls at the agency commented on how professional I always am and that they don’t know what’s wrong with the clients this season – they are stupid for not booking me! Maria and Chiara said that this season has been really messed up casting wise but thankfully they have high hopes for me next time and seem really keen to get me back out here asap. All music to my ears!

I then headed to the casting which was for a showroom for Iceberg. (A showroom is where a bunch of models get booked to try on clothes for visiting clients and buyers and basically just stand around looking pretty whilst people prod at you and stare.) On my way to the address I got stopped by two guys who had a big video camera and microphone who wanted to interview me about my style. They were doing a street style segment (not sure what website/magazine/blog it was for) and asked me to talk about my personal style. This completely caught me off guard as I was just about to step into the Iceberg casting – my head in ‘book the job’ mode. I allowed them to take pictures though and ranted on about military jackets, vintage stores in London and god knows what else…it was all a bit of a blur really! They seemed to like me though and asked if they could take one of my casting cards. I didn’t want to be rude so whipped one out for them and stepped into the door for Iceberg.

Luckily there were only a couple of guys waiting to go in so I removed my jacket, ruffled my hair and stood in line with my book at the ready. When it was my turn I walked over to the man and woman sat behind a desk and introduced myself whilst handing over my book. Immediately the woman’s nose crinkled: she clearly wasn’t impressed. But the man seemed to like my look and started taking some polaroids. I then looked down at the table where my book was and noticed I had run out of casting cards! The stupid street style guys outside had taken my last one! (This may seem like a minor thing but I’ve had casting experiences in the past where the client freaks the hell out if you don’t have any cards!) I quickly apologised to them about it before they got angry but the man just smiled, laughed and didn’t seem to care. PHEW. (Seems like a ridiculous thing to panic about but trust me – some clients can be very touchy when it comes to your comp-cards.)

To my surprise the man still seemed to be impressed and asked if I would try on some clothes for him. This was surprising as I know the kind of guys Iceberg usually use in their shows/campaigns and I am not one of them guys! But I followed a girl to the changing room anyway, removed my shirt and dropped my pants!

As I was putting the black jacket and white linen trousers on I could already tell that they were going to be much too big on my weeny little body! I shuffled out of the changing room attempting to keep the trousers up but failed miserably as they kept falling down and I had to keep pulling them back up. I was so relieved that they didn’t ask me to walk for them cos there was no way that the trousers would have stayed on the entire time… I’d have been walking along with them around my ankles! By some miracle though the man still liked what he saw and wanted to snap a few more pictures. He proceeded to scribble my name and agency on a scrap piece of paper and gave it to me to hold whilst he snapped away (this isn’t normal – it was just because I hadn’t got any comp-cards).

Before I left to get changed the guy asked me if I could grow my facial hair for the job…

I pointed to my chest hair and said, “Of course  – I’m half Italiano!”


Another newbie in the apartment. He moved in a few hours ago. I met him at the Cavalli party the other night, he’s pretty quiet but seems like a nice guy. His name is Mads and he’s from Denmark. It’s strange how the model cycle just continues… one guys leaves, another moves in.


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