Milan, day 12

Partied tres hard last night but felt surprisingly fresh and chirpy all day! Must still be the excitement of watching the McQueen show yesterday. ‘Chris Brown beat-em-down’ was sat a couple of tables away from us at the Just Cavalli club. Unfortunately my memory fails me on much of what went on last night so I don’t remember seeing him though I probably did. I’m still trying to find out how I actually made it home last night! Thankfully I did anyway and I’m alive so Hallelujah!

Today was the last day of the shows here in Milan and starting Thursday the shows continue in Paris. Very excited at the thought of doing both Paris and Milan next season… let’s just hope that Paris likes me a little more than Milan did! Luckily it’s not long to wait for next season as the castings start in June so I have just enough time to go back to university and get myself prepared to go through all this craziness again!

It’s been quite a sad day because most of the models are leaving for Paris so I have lost a couple of my flatmates. Waved David off on the train on his way to Berlin to do the Diesel show, then he is doing Paris (this kid’s unstoppable). Said bye to Zac also who is heading to Paris. Tomorrow Recep leaves to go back to Germany and soon enough I’ll be returning to England. I’ve gotten so used to living with these guys, we all get along so well that it will be strange not seeing them everyday. But we will all be back together in June for the Spring/Summer shows so I look forward to that.

I’m just looking down at my open suitcase on the floor – filled with loads of souvenirs from my trip… casting signs, party/show invitations, a Beatrice models diary, and the latest addition: a bag and t-shirt from the Armani show that all the models got given… David did both the Emporio show and the Georgio show so he got two lots and kindly gave me one 😀 But I have promised Ollie something so maybe I’ll donate the bag and tee to that dweeb!

Tonight I am going to go grab some takeaway pizza from the restaurant round the corner from us (4 euros for a massive pizza – it doesn’t get much better than that) and maybe watch a movie… I’m thinking The September Issue might be on the cards! Who can say no to a bit of Grace Coddington eh?! It’s not Anna Wintour’s movie – it’s Grace’s.

Trying desperately to upload the awesome vids I took at McQueen but Facebook doesn’t seem to like them. I’ll keep trying though so look out for them.

Ciao ragazzi


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One response to “Milan, day 12

  1. G & G

    Dear Al
    You might find ‘normal life’ a tad tedious when you
    return after your wonderful experiences of the modelling world but we are looking forward to seeing you and hearing more of the nitty gritty!Take care
    G & G xx

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