Alexander McQueen…

Currently sat in bed nursing a nice little hangover so apologies for grammar/spelling mistakes! I plan on going back to sleep after writing this but I promised you a report on the McQueen show so here goes…

In the words of my brother – “Oh my sweet Jeremiah!”

So I arrived at the McQueen show fashionably late, naturally… I knew where it was as I had been to the casting a few days ago in the same place (and stolen the casting sign). It was dark and oh so very cold, and I ate a huge slice of pizza on my way there… glamorous, I know.

Even though Maria from the agency had rang and said she had got me on the list, I still wasn’t convinced, so was actually quite nervous when I arrived at the gates which were heavily guarded by security. However, to my amazement, they found my name under Beatrice models, stepped aside, and I walked into the courtyard with the biggest smile on my face (and wearing a gorgeous knew jacket I had bought that day)!

Of course I didn’t have a designated seat so I lingered at the back leaning against the wall for a while whilst all the fashion-rati mingled, air kissed and took to their seats. Then a lady who was working at the event walked up to me and asked if I wanted a seat as their were a few free and the show was about to start. So unquestionably I said yes please and she showed me to my seat, right at the front by the cameramen at the end of the runway…probably one of the best seats in the house! I thought to myself – this is not happening!

The lights dimmed. The music started. The show began.

I think my mouth must have been permanently open throughout. Every look that came out from behind the beautifully decorated screen was fashion perfection. The boys had been made to look pale and almost zombie-like with sharp futuristic hair cuts and of course dressed in nothing less than magnificent clothes as one would only expect from Mr McQueen. Dazzling clothes, dazzling show.

I took many many pictures and after the show I lingered around waiting for David (who looked incredible in the show) hoping that I could steal myself an invitation as a souvenir. Unfortunately no one left their invitations but David brought me one when he finally came out from backstage so I have it to keep forever! I have awesome videos as well but can’t put them on the blog without paying (I’m tight) so they will go on Facebook later.

After the show we went to the Just Cavalli club where all the models and bookers were partying from Beatrice agency which was beyond awesome! Such a lovely club and such a cool night – beautiful people, amazing venue and free drinks on the tables. Many famous male models that I recognised about the place also.

I’ve just had a phone call from Ciara from the agency telling me that the call time for my casting this morning has changed to this afternoon… Thank God! Maybe the casting people were at the party last night too!?! I’m also seeing the people from Wilhemina agency (New York) tonight at their hotel as they have requested to meet with me.

Will be flying home soon so last night was the perfect ending to my Milano trip. Still can’t believe I went to the McQueen show…next season I don’t want to be watching it, I want to be walking it!

A thought has just crossed my mind as to what is going to happen to the blog…? Hmmm. Maybe I’ll just pick up in June when the castings for next season start and I’m hopefully in both Paris and Milan…? Whatever I decide to do, this won’t be the last Milano blog.

Check in again tomorrow for the next installment.

Ciao xoxo

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One response to “Alexander McQueen…

  1. mum xx

    wow…what an adventure!!!
    on yor return u should submit this blog to a teen mag/fashion mag ‘subito’.
    they could publish it as one piece or even better serialised!!!
    on your next adventure in the modelling biz u shoul def do blog again, eveerone i talk to loves it!
    mamma xxxxxxxxx

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