Milan, day 10

Yesterday was a lot of fun.

Had a couple of castings in the morning, then me and David went for a major session of window shopping on my new favourite street in Milano – Via della Spiga. The street looks like it’s out of a fairytale with it’s narrow cobbled endless road crammed with beautiful stores and boutiques of every top designer label you could ever need with the most stunning and magical window displays. Took lots of photos but they are on David’s camera and on a disposable so can’t show you them yet. We made a point of going into all the stores of the shows we booked (well David booked and the ones that I nearly booked) in the hope that they might give us some freebies! Needless to say this plan didn’t work out at all but we had fun trying!

The most impressive store we went round was the Armani Hotel which is not yet fully completed but on the bottom few floors of this large hotel size building is a whole department store that sells everything Armani – furniture on one floor, flowers on another, and all the clothing collections to. Just about everything you can think of, Armani has put his name to it’s quite scary really. The store was beautiful, and as David had walked for Emporio Armani the day before we very much enjoyed having a nose around!

The other stores that really impressed me were Burberry, Jil Sander (the clothes were so beautiful) and Alexander McQueen. In McQueen I told the male shop assistant that David was going to be doing the show the next day but he didn’t care at all so we left, our hands empty of any freebies once again!

In the centre of Milan is the famous Vittorio Emanuelle shopping centre, and right in the centre of the building are four grand stores on each corner of the street. So if you stand in the middle and look all around you you see… Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci… and… McDonalds?! Seriously… it is rather a grand Maccy D’s but it’s a Maccy D’s all the same and doesn’t really belong there! Thought that was pretty funny.

It was starting to get dark and as we walked back through the Vittorio Emanuelle there was a classical pianist playing, and the beautiful music was echoing all around the magnificent building. It was so perfect. We went and got the best gelato (ice-cream) – I had my new favourite, tiramisu! Right underneath the glass dome in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is the emblem of Turin, a bull, on the mosaic floor. It is meant to bring you good luck if you spin around on your right heel on the bull’s most treasured possession. I kid you not, there was a crowd of people queuing up to crush the testacles of the bull of Turin, in order to bring themselves good luck. So of course I had a go, got rather dizzy and stared at lots but it was fun to watch people grinding their heels on the poor bull’s private parts.

Maybe if I’d known about this tradition at the start of the week I’d have had more luck with the show castings! Ah well, I know for next season. The first place I’m going when I arrive is to the bull’s bollocks for my dose of good luck!



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2 responses to “Milan, day 10

  1. Dino

    Sorry, Al – I forgot about the bull’s balls thing – should have told you for good luck. I’ve done it a couple of times (and yes, there’s always a queue!).

  2. oliver

    NEW favourite flavour?!?

    i think Anton will back me up and say that was clearly a favourite in Tuscany 09…nothing new there.

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