Milan, day 9

So it was the first day of the shows today here in Milan and it’s strange to think that all of fashions best from editors to designers to models are all crammed into this tiny fashion capital.

Unfortunately for me it looks like I haven’t booked any shows this season. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself the last few days but have decided that I shouldn’t let it get me down any longer as I have had, and am still having, the most amazing experience out here.

Spoke to the girls at the agency today and they still believe in me and said there is no need to get upset – it takes some models longer than others to establish themselves and be understood by clients. I am younger than most of the guys here (by far the youngest in the apartment) and my time will come to shine when the time is right. They also said that my look is very editorial and that it can be very difficult to get recognised in that particular field which I knew from the beginning. But of course I am far from giving up. As I said to my mother last night via text message – it took me long enough to break into this industry, they’re not going to get rid of me just yet! I’m one of those people that when I see something I want, I won’t stop until I get it. And apologies for being cliche but what doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger. So I will take everything I have learnt from this experience (and that’s a lot) and come back bigger (in the literal sense as well as figurative) and better next season and hit Milan/Paris/wherever it happens to be, hard and strong.

(This blog post has been very therapeutic! In the last 15 minutes of sitting here typing this I have convinced myself that I am staying! I guess talking – or in this case writing about your thoughts, worries and problems really does help. I feel much better!)

Sorry that the blog has taken such a dark turn! When I came to Milan and started this blog I never really knew what I was letting myself in for. This experience is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before so you really are getting a young models first hand experience of doing a fashion week. It wouldn’t be real if I didn’t write about the lows as well as the highs. I want this blog to inform people of what it is really like in the fashion/modelling world so I hope it provides an interesting insight.

Rant over, there has been plenty of exciting news today…not exciting news for me, but for my wonderful flatmates! They’ve all been doing shows today – Tim looked amazing at the Costume National show this morning, Zac also rocked it out at CP Company and my new bestie David not only walked in the Emporio Armani show this afternoon, but he OPENED IT! Incase you’re wondering why the use of capitals – the opening and closing slots of a show are the most coveted postitions to walk in. And to open an Armani show is any models dream. David has done us all so proud, he looked incredible and I don’t think it’s sunk in for him yet just how big this is going to be for him…I know I’m right when I say his career as a model is about to explode!

When he got back from the show I sat him down and got him to tell me every little detail! He showed me backstage pictures he took with him and some of the top male models (Sean O Pry, Simon Nessman) and a photo of him with Mr. Armani himself! David is such a beautiful person both inside and out and I should really thank him for being such a good friend to me as he has comforted me these past few days when I’ve been a bit of a mess! He truly is an inspiration and is doing so well already. He also booked the Alexander McQueen show which is probably the best show there is to get out here…so as you can imagine I am uber jealous but there is no one else I’d rather have got it than David so major congrats to him.

It’s late here, I’m having a lie in tomorrow then casting for Calvin Klein (something I will never get but will be an experience all the same). I plan on attending (or maybe crashing is a more suitable word) some parties this next week so stand by for some tales of the fashion world after dark.



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4 responses to “Milan, day 9

  1. G & G

    Good Morning Al
    That’s our boy and the attitude – go for it and enjoy the rest whatever!
    Lots of luv
    G & G xx

  2. Jazz

    I feel priveldged that you can share your experiences and feelings with us, and I think what makes your blog so special is the fact that you are so honest and open about them. It’s such a joy to read and I’m glad that you seem more positive about things after writing through some of your feelings. Cannot wait to read more of your wonderful blogs!

    Keep enjoying Milan!


  3. Vahri

    Hey al, ive read your blog pretty much every day so far and can’t beleive how lucky you are, it’s crazy thinking that your in Milan ‘living the dream’ as cheesy as that sounds. You’ve done so amazing and I just thought id say well done alex you fashionista and im well happy for you. Enjoy the rest of your time in Milan you lucky lucky guy and I hope that you keep positive!

    Go strutt your stuff 🙂 xxxxxx

  4. Jen

    Hi Alex,
    How fantastic that you’re out in Milan and breaking into modelling. Good for you! I am looking forward to seeing gracing Vogue’s pages. I admire your determination sweetheart – you deserve success for that alone never mind the fact that you are so handsome! I’ll continue to watch your progress. Have you had time to go on the roof of the cathedral yet? Probably not your top priority but worth it if you get a sunny day. Sending love Jen x

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