Milan, day 8

Not a lot to report today… it’s just a waiting game now… the majority of the show castings are over… now we just wait to hear if any clients have confirmed us for bookings.

Spoke to a model whilst in line at a casting for Vogue Accessories today and he told me how it was his first season last year and he didn’t book anything. It was reassuring for me that he was back in Milan getting a second shot at the shows cos that is my biggest worry – not that I might not get any shows, but that I won’t get to ever come back and try again. I love it so much out here… the chaos that fashion week brings is so exhilarating, such a buzz! Now that the casting week is over I wish we could start the week again as I’ve only just got the hang of it! Not sure whether I will return to England in the next few days or stay for fashion week and maybe a little longer… all depends on if I confirm shows or not. I’ve still got my fingers crossed for something!

I don’t think I’ve been taking enough pictures so today we went a little picture mad… me and David staged a mock photoshoot in our lounge at the model apartment inbetween castings! It was so funny and we got some really cool shots. I’ve also got some killer polaroids to show you all but can’t scan them in here, so that will have to wait ’til my return. Below are some of the best digitals of the day for your viewing pleasure…


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2 responses to “Milan, day 8

  1. Holly

    hey al,
    loads on about mens fashion week in milan, you’ll be there next week!!! wooo xxxx

  2. G & G

    Dear Al
    You are doing the very best you can and you are quite right when you say if not this time then next it will be
    Try try and try again if wishes could do it – all your family and friends are with you ‘casting by casting’ – rooting for you – fingers crossed
    Your blog is quite an enlightening education re the fashion world and keeps us ‘with you’
    Enjoy the rest of your time in Milan
    Lots of luv
    G & G xx

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