Milan, day 7

The penultimate day of castings and I had 8 to make it to throughout the day and managed to make them all with plenty of time to spare. Thankfully the rain had stopped so it made it much more enjoyable trekking round the streets of Milan.

In a way, doing many castings in one day is a lot like orienteering or a very large scale treasure hunt! Although I’ve only been in Milan for almost a week now, I’m pretty familiar with all the areas around the city and the metro lines.

The castings today were 50/50 – some went well, others I didn’t have a shot in hell, but on the whole, a much better day than the previous! Unfortunately I found out that I didn’t book Burberry though, which I was completely gutted about and still am. As much as I loved meeting Christopher Bailey, looks like he didn’t love meeting me so much!! I certainly didn’t expect to get it but I was still really disappointed to hear that result after the call back had gone so well and the show was so close within my reach. Such a shame… I think I would have been amazing in the show given the chance. But hey! I’m trying to stay positive, and earlier me and a couple of the guys from the apartment popped out to grab some ice-cream in the dark which totally cheered me up!

The other guys in the apartment are getting really great responses from clients which doesn’t help my trying to stay positive thing much! But I am very very happy for them, I want them all to do well. Tim has booked a showroom for Marni, Zac got confirmed for CP Company and Neil Barrett, and David only went and bloody booked the Armani show!! AMAZING. I can’t tell you how jealous I am. David was telling me how Georgio himself was stroking his face at the fitting and said to him “You are so beautiful.” (Kinda creepy but so awesome)

Tim was also telling me that Donatella was at the Versace casting and she looked like a complete mess (no surprise there). He said her lips were so big that you couldn’t understand a word she was saying!

After I’d been to all the castings today I went by the agency on my way home to collect some more casting cards and see what my schedule was for tomorrow. I think the bookers could tell I was a bit upset about how things were going and I had a lovely long chat (and hug) with Martha who reassured me that it wasn’t unusual to go a first season without booking any shows. I know it’s not certain that I haven’t booked anything yet but I’m just preparing myself for the worst. There’s so much rejection in this industry, your self esteem can really take a nasty blow. But ‘thick skin’ and all that – I’ll be just fine.

After I was done having my heart to heart with the lovely and beautiful Martha, I got introduced to a man who was visiting from New York and works for DNA agency out there. I sat down with the man and we discussed maybe getting representation in NY which is rather exciting news! He was over here scouting new faces for his agency.

So anyway, mixed emotions over here in Milan… still having the most amazing experience and meeting so many beautiful people (inside and out), but disappointed by the reaction from clients and wishing so badly that I book a show. I am still on option for Neil Barrett, Jil Sander and one other I can’t remember so there is still a chance. Plus I have the final few castings tomorrow so all is not lost yet!

Hope everyone’s assessments went well back at uni and keep your fingers crossed for me.


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  1. Maria

    ALWAYZ ARE CROSSED 4 U HUN!!!! xxxxx BEST OF LUCK!!! xxxx

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