Milan, day 6

I’m starting a collection of casting signs from around Milan like these ones…

Today was pretty dismal if I’m perfectly honest, and so was the weather.

I’m really starting to feel the pressure to book shows now and it’s playing on my mind 24/7.

When standing in line at castings you here people gossiping about so and so who booked the Jil Sander exclusive, or so and so who got confirmed for Armani. It’s extremely competitive between all the guys out here and after a day of bad and pointless castings I’m not in such a great mood. But reading all the lovely comments from you guys is making me smile now (and seeing how many views the blog is getting everyday)!

I think after the incredible day I had yesterday, nothing was going to come close today. I’ve just eaten some pizza and choc chip biscuits to cheer myself up (how very un-model of me) and am more determined than ever to up my game tomorrow as the casting week begins to draw to a close (castings run until Friday, shows start on Saturday).

On a different note, there are now five of us in the model apartment. We’re all getting along fine. Last night was movie night…we watched Whip It, directed by Drew Barrymore, which I really enjoyed and definitely recommend.

Castings for tomorrow include Vivienne Westwood, Roberto Cavalli, Moncler and Gianfranco Ferre among many others. Hoping some more designers might show their faces at the castings, and that the rain stops! Hopefully I’ll have some good news to report back tomorrow and I’ll be back to my usual chirpy self!

An early night is on the cards me thinks so that I am refreshed and prepared to battle the day head on tomorrow.

Ciao for now xoxo

Ps. Though I’m pretty certain I didn’t book Prada, the casting was still a great experience… 10 of us got called in at a time and then your name was called out and you walked for the casting director (Russell Marsh) in this huge room covered in tall mirrors absolutely everywhere. The room was spectacular but very intimidating. Even though there were quite a few bodies in the room – 10 models + a few of the clients – the room remained deadly silent throughout the entire casting. Very nerve racking indeed. It was nice to be able to see yourself doing the walk for once though in the mirrors! I felt bad just whining and moaning and not actually telling you anything interesting or fashion related so there’s a bit of inside scoop for you from today!


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4 responses to “Milan, day 6

  1. G & G

    Hello Al
    Enjoying living your experiences with you and feeling the pressure (we think) – you will and can do it! No doubt about it me dear xx
    Not much fun here still grot wever and G still snow clearing
    D coming from London Saturday so look forward to a busy weekend.
    Lots of luv
    G & G xx

  2. claire

    that is weird i am watching whip it right now at the mo! how odd!!

  3. mum and dad

    best of luck for 2moro alex.
    love ma xxxx

  4. Maria

    Best of Luck Alex… u can do it hun.. we all have faith in u!! miss u sooooo much take care and have Fun!!! SMILE… ur GORGEOUS… xxx

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