Milan, day 5

Ok, I’ve just got to come right out and say it…


For those of you that aren’t in the know, Christopher Bailey is the Creative Director and general head honcho at Burberry… and he just happens to be one of my favourite designers in existence!

Now I’ve got that off my chest, allow me to backtrack a little…

This morning I casted for Dolce & Gabbana, followed by Louis Vuiton. Both had ridiculously long queues that lasted about 2 hours. And it was many hours of my day completely wasted as I knew I didn’t stand a chance because both designers cast the same type of guys every season. So that was half my day gone.

The queue @ Dolce. The line goes all the way down the long corridor and there were just as many guys, if not more, behind me.

Then I was making my way to my next casting (Neil Barrett) when I got a phone call from the agency telling me that Burberry liked me and they wanted to see me again today! Me and my booker joked on the phone cos I had said yesterday after the casting that I had made a connection with the people at Burberry and turns out I was right! So I ditched Neil Barrett for the time being and started heading for Burberry. There were about 30 guys who had all got call backs at the casting which is not a lot, so they were clearly getting close to narrowing it down to their chosen models for the show. When it was my turn, they sent me upstairs to where the casting room was. Now normally at a casting you would not meet the designer – not at this stage anyway – but to my surprise and amazement, as I started walking across the room toward the people sat at the long table, I began to recognise one of the faces. And it was only bloomin’ Christopher Bailey himself – in the flesh!

Lord knows what expression was on my face for a brief second in that casting room, but I managed to compose myself, then introduce myself whilst giving Christopher Bailey the clammiest handshake the world has ever known!

Still a little star struck, he asked me how old I was – I accidently lied and said 18.

Then he asked me where I was from – I accidently lied again and said London.

Then I walked for him…and I know walking is just walking, but damn it was the best walk I have ever done! And what a good time to pull that one out of the bag!

He liked the walk (and my look I guess) and said in the smoothest, softest, friendliest voice, “Alexander, we’re going to have you try some clothes on if that’s okay.” As if that wasn’t going to be okay!

So an assistant dragged me to a changing room and had me strip down and put an outfit on. Now this didn’t exactly go to plan as in this changing room were a pile of clothes that I thought were the ones I had to try on. So I start putting on the jeans first and think to myself, oooh these are a nice fit! As this is happening another model walks into the changing room with the outfit on that I was supposed to be putting on once he had taken it off. So there’s me, stood half naked in this changing room wearing the models own jeans! Needless to say it was rather awkward whilst he waited for me to take them off.

Once I had the real clothes on I went back out and walked for them again. The clothes were gorgeous, a perfect fit. Christopher Bailey said thankyou very much and that was it, I was done. This event shall always be known as the time I met Christopher Bailey!

Today has been the maddest, most wonderful day of my life. Actually getting to not only see but actually meet, chat and be in the presence of someone you truly idolise is something most people don’t ever get to do. He really is an inspiration – the fact that he was so polite to the models and that he was even there at the casting shows you how involved he is with every aspect of the brand. I left the casting with the biggest grin on my face, did a little skip down the road and haven’t stopped smiling since 😀 <<< see.

I need to get some rest now as I have some major castings tomorrow including Prada and Alexander McQueen. I have more news to share with you like the two new flatmates and other famous models that I met/saw today but that will have to wait ’til next time.


Ps. Thankyou for all your lovely comments about the blog. I’m glad there’s a way I can share everything with you and am very surprised at the number of views everyday! Stick with it, things are only going to get better.


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7 responses to “Milan, day 5

  1. Jazz

    Alex! This post made me smile so much! I felt I was right along with you as you went to the Burberry callback. Me and Bry laughed out loud when we read how you put on the other models jeans!

    It’s so amazing you got to meet someone you admire so much. Keep having a fantastic time! I look forward to you blog every morning-I read it whilst sipping my coffee before I do my revision.

    Good luck!


  2. Lizzie

    Wow Alex, it sounds like you are having the time of your life! This blog is so much fun, everyone should be reading it. I hope it all goes well, I’m sure it will.
    : ]

  3. Darling!!! I never knew about these blogs!? Love them though 🙂 That one made me laugh lots! I will try and continue being updated on your Milan world! Well done for doing a kick ass walk


  4. Annniiiiiiie

    Alexxx, it sounds like your having a fantastic time, im absoultly loving reading these everyday, i am currently in Interactivemedia. ahaha
    keep looking beautiful and you will have no problem, you really deserve this 🙂
    i miss you mate xxx

  5. anonymous

    alex is a prick and no one likes her! 🙂 x

  6. claire

    i am guessing the last comment is from your dear brother!! lol

    all that is a fab story and i am so pleased for you! just remember to be fierce!!

    see you soon


  7. Holly

    omg wow wow wow!! sounds like your having the time of your life! christopher bailey, thats amazing – so jealous!!! and robert marsh!!! you deserve it, you’ll soon be gracing the pages of vogue and us little people can say we know him!!! have fun, love reading your blog, brightens the distinctly fashion free leicester!! miss you mate, biscuit monday wont be the same without you. look after yourself hol xxx

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