Milan, day 4

I always used to read articles online or in magazines or see videos on youtube where models would say how much they dreaded the fashion weeks and I could never understand why. Until now.

Talk about intense!

But although today was tough, I enjoyed it so so much! It was like for the first time I was a real life working model and boy did I love it! As I am typing this I am very proud of myself as I managed to get to all 7 castings today. I have literally been to every area of the city, at some points sprinting up streets and leaping into metro carriages in order to make it to each casting for the specific time!

Not all of the castings went well however. My two most important of the day were a request for Burberry (my fave) and an exclusive for Jil Sander. (a request means that they’ve requested to see you (duh), and an exclusive means that you walk exclusively for that one designer and no one else that season – one of the best things a model can book as the pay is notoriously good) The Burberry casting went really well so I think I am in with a chance at that, but the Jil Sander casting was a complete disaster so I’m praying for a miracle on that one!

It’s simply amazing how the streets of Milan are literally taken over with male models for a week or so in January. Everywhere you look, every corner you turn, every metro carriage you get into, you are guaranteed to see a model. And you can tell instantly that they are. The give-aways are pretty obvious: tall and slender with chiselled cheek bones, a portfolio sized rucksack on their back, map and casting sheets in hand, or more often than not a cigarette.

When waiting in line at a casting you can often feel rather average! These boys are beyond perfect. I’ve never seen a beauty like it. It’s almost superhuman. Most of the guys look like they’ve just walked off the pages of a blue chip advertising campaign, and that’s simply because they have. These are the best of the best that the agencies have to offer in the hopes that one of their boys will book that coveted spot in the show. I have been surrounded by some of the top male models in the world all day long…these are guys that I see on the covers of magazines and even feature on my fashion wall in my bedroom! It’s so surreal. Just today I walked past Cole Mohr on the way to a casting for Costume National. Then I was on the metro with Jethro Cave. And then, to top it off, I saw my ultimate favourite – Taylor Fuchs – two places in front of me at the Diesel casting. (You may not be familiar with these names but trust me, they’re huge.) It’s so strange because it makes you realise that they really are just ordinary guys, the only difference is that they are blessed with unparalleled beauty.

Today has quite literally been a dream come true for me. It was everything I imagined it would be. A full day of running around Milan casting for top shows and designers at the most beautiful offices and surrounded by models who I admire and look up to is something I never thought I would get to experience. So very grateful.

However I’m not here just for the experience. There are jobs to be booked and only time will tell if I actually manage to land anything major. With tomorrow comes a whole heap of new castings: Dolce e Gabanna, Etro, Neil Barrett, CP Company and Louis Vuitton. None of them typically go for guys with my look so will be interesting to see what happens…

As always, keep checking in to find out.



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4 responses to “Milan, day 4

  1. mum and dad

    sounds like an exhausting but exciting day for you. i’ve got my fingers crossed permenantly for you.
    lots of love, mum x

  2. Gavin

    Glad you’re enjoying it Alexander – which is more than I did 🙂

    Good luck.


  3. Bo

    So so proud of you 🙂 xx

  4. G & G

    Dear Al
    What a busy busy time you are having We wish you loads of luck …… you deserve so much
    Thinking of you
    G & G xx

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