the model apartment…

Quite relieved that I’m not going out tonight after all, so before I collapse on my bed for the night I thought I’d post some pictures of the infamous model apartment where I’m staying. It is situated just a 5 minute walk away from the agency which is super handy. Random belongings and old casting cards from models gone can be found hidden at the back of cupboards and draws…

If walls could talk eh…

the living area.

my bedroom (from the bed)

the view from my window.

That is all.



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2 responses to “the model apartment…

  1. mum and dad

    bedroom looks tidier than one at home!…as yet.
    great blog and pics.
    parliamo subito.
    buon lavoro per lunedi. xx

  2. anonymous

    so THIS is where we get to leave our HATE mail 🙂
    mwah HA harrrrrr…


    Stop wearing my clothes!!!

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