Milan, day 3

Oh me, oh my.

It’s been the last quiet day today before all the casting craziness begins tomorrow and I am so so excited yet so very nervous at the thought of what is to come.

Had a wonderful lie in again (the last one I’ll be having for a while now) but once I was up, me and Tim had to pop by the agency to see our bookers. Because it’s Sunday, only 2 of the bookers were in the office – Martha and Maria. Both couldn’t be more lovely. We chilled and chatted at the agency with them for about an hour before having to head off to two castings.

On returning to the model apartment, we opened the door to discover a new flatmate! His name is David and he is from Canada but is of Chinese descent. He just flew in this afternoon straight from Paris (jealous) as he has been there casting for the shows (oh so jealous). I’ve been showing him round the apartment and quizzing him endlessly about his time in Paris. It’s his first time in Europe and he thinks everything is really dirty everywhere! My favourite thing he has said to me so far is:

“I can’t believe that people urinate on the streets in Europe!” So I replied, “Oh yeah – all the time. You should totally try it.”

So that was a brief summary of today which went really quickly, but what is on my mind right now is the casting sheet I have infront of me for tomorrow. I have 7 castings throughout the day including requests for Zegna (show this time), Jil Sander, Costume National, Diesel and Burberry.

I N S A N E !

I’m currently sat on the floor of the kitchen (the light is brightest in here) planning my routes on the map. It is scaring me just a little bit.

I can guarantee that I’ll have some major stories to share with you in my next post so keep checking in and wish me luck for tomorrow. I’m going to need it!

oh me, oh my



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2 responses to “Milan, day 3

  1. G & G

    You can do it!!!!

    Lots of luv
    G & G xx

  2. Al,
    Absolutely love your blog, makes good reading!
    Glad Milan is awesome!
    Emi xx

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