Milan, day 1…

So I arrived in Milan earlier today despite all the flight delays/cancellations due to the snow. I’m currently sat in my bed, in my own bedroom in the model apartment, absolutely exhausted!

I met up with another model from my London agency called Tim (who’s great) at Gatwick airport so I wasn’t completely on my own travelling. When we landed at Linate airport in Milan the weather was miserable: foggy and chucking it down. We immediately jumped in a taxi and headed for the agency. I felt terrible though because I shut the door of the taxi on the drivers umbrella which subsequently broke in half…Great start to the trip!

On arrival at the Beatrice agency we met the team of bookers who were all very welcoming and friendly (many a fashion kiss), and had a quick look round the offices which were pretty impressive. After being bombarded with instructions, schedules, keys, new SIM cards, new casting cards and new books all in the space of 2 minutes, we were told to head to the model apartment and drop off our luggage.

It took us a while to find the apartment but I was quite surprised when we did… It is very spacious – five or so bedrooms, a kitchen, lounge area, bathrooms, large terrace/balcony – much better than I had previously anticipated! For now it is just myself and Tim staying in the apartment so there is lots of room, but over the next week or so more models are expected to join us as fashion week approaches.

Once we’d had a quick nose round our new home and ditched our heavy suitcases, we had to venture straight back out into the rain to find our first casting – Ermenegildo Zegna. Neither of us expected to have to do any castings on the day we arrived, and at this point it was fast approaching 7pm and dark and wet in the city. Nevertheless, we braved and survived the metro (think the London underground on crazy Italian steroids!) and arrived very late and very wet at the incredible Zegna offices. Here we were met by a man called Marco – your typical fashion guy dressed in all black with nerdy glasses and a quiff to rival Elvis – who lead us upstairs to the fabulous casting room.

After being briefly introduced, I had to walk for them and try on a gorgeous tailored jacket and the most delicious oversized knitted jumper. They did the usual prodding and poking followed by polaroids and sent us on our way. I don’t think I booked the shoot (which was shooting in the morning – talk about last minute!) but I’ve been invited back on Monday to recast for the Zegna show, so fingers crossed!

I can honestly say I’ve had the craziest day of my life. Just plain surreal. I’m still in a state of shock and disbelief that I’m even in Milan, let alone getting the opportunity to cast for all the shows! TRULY INSANE. I can say with certainty that this is going to be one hell of an experience!

Tomorrow we have the day off and plan to explore the area in daylight so I will be updating you on what adventures I get up to.

But for now, buona notte


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  1. Al it sound such fun and what a great idea to have a blog i am sure you will be missed in the studio. Have fun and make the most of it!



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